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What is Crown Connections? 

All about Crown Connections 

Crown connections originally started as a blog in 2018. Crown connections was initially an acronym for using Creativity to Redefine Obstacles with Wellness Naturally. Today, this has been amended to: Using Creativity to Redefine Obstacles to allow each individual to process the meaning in their own authentic way. Crown connections later transitioned into a private practice in 2021, as I decided to gather the unique experiences I possess as a therapist and market towards my ideal clients.


Being authentic in the experiences that have shaped me has allowed me to become an effective therapist. This understanding permits me to be very specific in identifying clients I can lead towards their healing journey. In my experience, I have also learned that therapy takes place in many forms, and I am willing to provide the routes that I align with. In addition to individual therapy, I believe that delivering workshops, and public speaking engagements is an effective way to connect with likeminded individuals. Crown Connections is about piecing together the parts of our lives that make us unique. Through doing so, each of us can come to understand our place in the world.



To provide the highest quality therapeutic services to individuals and groups in the safest environment possible. To provide means for clients to share experiences, support one another, and improve their mental and emotional health, physical health, and overall quality of life.



Our vision is to create an online community of healing, accountability, and wellness in various forms. We aim to provide resources to help the fixers of the world, the survivors, the trend setters, and to normalize that we all have a role to play starting with owning our responsibilities. Owning those responsibilities allows us to take back control of our actions and move forward with the intention of creating the life we desire.

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